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Sharp brings “Plasma cluster” air conditioner tech to its air purifier

Sharp wants you to stay cooler with fresher air by having released its new series of air purifier which comes equipped with the “Plasmacluster” technology that has been used in its air conditioners. The new Sharp Air purifier is a highly portable device which is codenamed as IG-CM1. The device keeps the surrounding air of your desktop purified from dusts or pollens etc. And it can be powered by the USB port of your computer via a USB cable.

The Sharp IG-CM1 air purifier is able to work continuously for up to 8 hours while running on the built-in rechargeable battery, which can be recharged via USB or AC adapter. This air purifier produces little noise of 29db which isn’t disturbing while used next to your computer. It weighs 150g and is available in 4 colors, including black, cream/beige, white and your favorite pink.

The Sharp Air purifier is now available on the online store for a price of about $197 USD. It’s what you need to keep yourself breathing cozily if the surrounding air is kind of suffocating.

via hardwaresphere

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