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Stealth Foot switch easily hides your Facebook, gaming windows while your boss passes by

While you’re at work, your mind might be wandering around on Facebook or other online social networking or gaming sites. You computer should have full of Windows opening to those social networking and gaming sites. But of course, you’re worried of you’ll get caught while your supervisor or boss passes by.

Minimizing or switching those many open windows using mouse clicks or ALT + TAB is usually not fast enough to hide them from getting caught by your boss, as you could be in the middle of typing some messages that will definitely cause your slowness of switching or minimizing them.

Here comes the Stealth foot switch which is little device that allows you to use your foot to easily switch or hide those windows, leaving only a particular window i.e. the work that you must be doing at work. The Stealth foot switch connects to your computer via the USB or PS2 port. Simply leave it under your desk and just a step on it allows you to hide all applications, games or browser windows without being noticed by anyone.

If you want one, the Stealth switch is now available on for a discounted price of £26 inc VAT (or USD $41 after the conversion). So, get it now before you get fired!

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