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Chocolate bar iPhone 4 case

If you wish to continue making your iPhone 4 as delicious as possible, a new Chocolate Bar styled iPhone case has been added to your choices to decorate your iPhone 4 with a mouth watering chocolate bar.

The Chocolate Bar iPhone 4 case is soft and comfortable and said to pack like the chocolate bar found on the shelf in the supermarket. It also serves as a great gift. If your one in life has not yet owned an iPhone 4, it’ll be a good idea to get an iPhone 4 wrapped in this Chocolate bar case as a birthday gift or a gift for a special occasion.

The Chocolate Bar iPhone 4 case is available on USBFever for a price of $25. It’s available in four colors which are brown, white, beige and red. The brown is a good choice as it looks more like a real chocolate bar.

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