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Purifan – air purifying ceiling fan

The Purifan is a new kind of ceiling fan that’s designed to replace the regular ceiling fan. The Purifan comes with built-in air purifying and filtering system that cleans the air. The filtering system consists of 5 stages, circulates over 2,000 cubic feet of air every minute. This is equivalent to supply new and fresh air every 90 seconds for an average 20′ x 20′ x 8′ room.

The Purifan is just like any standard fan except it has an enclosure that keeps the fan blades enclosed. And this enclosure doesn’t add more load to the ceiling fan’s motor than a standard set of blades. This ceiling fan definitely suits the health-conscious which eliminates additional cost to install an air purifier to filter out dusts, molds, pollens in the air.

But the Purifan doesn’t come cheap. The enclosure with a mounting kid costs you $400 and you’ll have to incur long-term cost of replacing filters which each costs $42.50 or a more advanced version, which is priced at $52.50 and able to deal with smoke odors. Anyway, if you want one you can get it from

via coolest-gadgets

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