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Omax Laptop table lets you blog and surf with more comfort

Bloggers like us will have to churn out several blog posts a day. And you’ll probably always miss your sweet TV time due to having to keep yourself busy with maintaining your blog or staying aware with your friends’ streams on Facebook and Twitter. But if you wish to blog or surf the Internet by lying in a bed or on a couch comfortably, while at the same time allowing you to watch your favorite TV show; what you have to do is to pick up a laptop stand that lets you do that with comfort, so it won’t hurt your back.

The Omax Laptop stand pictured above clearly shows you how you can lie in your bed or a cozy couch and using your laptop with comfort. Your back or your laps and legs will not have to bear with the stress that you do without the stand. The Omax Laptop stand also provides good ventilation for your laptop by having some simple air holes and built-in fans that take power directly from the USB port of your laptop.

The Omax Laptop table is constructed from aluminum and available in a number of colors. You can use it in a number of ways. Such as getting it folded almost all the way down allowing you to use it as a simple desktop stand; pulling it up a little taller, and having it placed on the carpet and sitting with your legs underneath it; using it in your bed or on a couch, which you can have your computer held above your face while you’re lying on your back and occasionally you’ll be able to keep an eye on the TV.

It’s definitely a very useful laptop table, which you need to have in order to blog and surf the Internet with more fun, thus with better productivity and creativity! You can check out Omax website for more info.

via gizmag

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