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Casio HELLZ x Baby-G watches announced

Casio has announced two models of the HELLZ x Baby-G watches, BG5600HZ-7 and BG5600HZ-9. The HELLZ x Baby-G watches are named after HELLZ’ Lana Alabanza, who has been a huge fan of the Baby-G watches. These watches come in catchy colors, available in yellow and white.

The BG5600HZ-7 “polka dot watch” is a result of Alabanza’s love of the 80’s. The polka dot is a common pattern that everyone used to wear growing up. While the BG5600HZ-9 is defined as a “taxi cab watch”, which is made to pay respect yo the streets of New York City, the birthplace of Hellz Bellz. The watch also comes in yellow, as yellow cabs have been the lifeline of the company since its early stage. These watches will be available on Bloomingdales next month for $89 each.

via nitrolicious

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