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Coaching exercise watch provides daily exercise guidance

Exercise to achieve your fitness goals is not be an easy task. If you’ve been exercising for a couple of months but haven’t yet achieved the result you want, you’ll then have to look into it – what you’ve been missing in your exercise – such as you’ll have to measure your heart rate, calories consumptions to allow you to know the right efforts you have to put in.

So, to do the above mentioned measurements during exercise, you just need to have a Coaching exercise watch. The coaching exercise watch provides daily exercise guidance to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. The watch provides initial assessment to achieve overall fitness which evaluates the maximum oxygen uptake and heart rate.

It has two exercise programs that follow guidelines set by the American College of Sports Medicine–improving fitness and weight management–help guide the wearer before, during, and after exercise based upon results of the fitness test.

During your workout, the watch provides real-time feedback using a progress indicator, keeping you aware when more or less effort is required to keep your heart rate within specified parameters. The watch also displays average heart rate, kcal consumption, heart rate zone, and time. If you want one, you can buy the Coaching exercise watch from Hammacher for a price of $150.

via funniestgadgets

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