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Portable solar charger for iPhone 4 – the Eco 2

While you’re on the run, you’ll have to get yourself prepared with more juice for your iPhone. Here comes the Eco 2 portable solar charger that is specially made for iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS. The portable charger is integrated with a solar panel that extracts the solar energy to charge its internal 480mAh rechargeable battery, which can then be used to provide additional talk time to your iPhone.

The Eco 2 is said to be able to add another 75 minutes of talk time or 7 hours of playback time to your iPhone. Other than sunlight, the Eco 2 portable battery is also chargeable through AC outlet, USB port so you can always get ready a standby power for your iPhone 3GS or newly purchased iPhone 4.

The Eco2 iPhone 4 solar charger is now available on Strapya World for a price of $22.7 USD only. It’s definitely worth your consideration if you’re someone always on the run, having an extra power will probably save your life, or let you continue any important calls to secure any business contracts or even kill more times while you’re stuffed in a long journey.

via gadgetsin

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