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Magicool scarf keeps you cool from neck down

The Japanese will always have their unique way of keeping you cool or perhaps their way is the most effective to cool you down during the hot summer. The Magicool scarf is a product of the Japanese and to be worn around your neck and you have to fill it with water to keep you cool while you’re on the run in those hot days.

This wearable cooling collar is made of a special water-absorbent fabric which will slowly evaporate the liquid inside. This process will bring a comforting coolness to the wearer especially during the hot season. So when the liquid fully evaporates, you just have to fill the collar with water and continue your cooling.

The Magicool scarf retails for a price of $8.25 and is available a number of colors including military camouflage and also some themed versions of it, such as the lovely Hello Kitty themed, or if you’re a huge fan of soccer you can get the Japanese soccer-themed design. If you want one, you can get it from Daisaku’s shop

via geeky-gadgets inventorspot

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