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CleanTouch keeps your iPhone and iPad free from fingerprint and smudges

The iPhone or iPad should be the most frequently used gadget of yours, which you’ll always transfer lots of fingerprints, smudges and dusts to its screen. And finally you’ll make your lovely Apple gadget ugly with lots of the dust and fingerprints.

You shouldn’t want your iPhone or iPad to look like that, but no worry, CleanTouch has the solution that effectively removes fingerprints, smudges and dusts from your iPhone, iPod and iPad. It’s not any average screen cleaning solution, it’ll leave a layer of coating that is able to resist fingerprint buildup and scratches for up to an hour and a half and reduces the hassles of having to clean your devices as frequently as before.

The CleanTouch solution consists of a carry-on friendly 20ml bottle, a microfiber cloth and a carrying pouch for your to slip your iPhone, iPod or iPad in it. The pack costs you $25 and you can get it from MonsterCable for a price of $25. It’s definitely best used by the hygienic geek to ensure your Apple devices always stay clean and free from germs and bacteria.

via chipchick

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