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Air Keyboard – you need it when your computer’s hooked up to an HDTV

Your computers come with HDMI ports these days, so you can always hook them up to a bigger screen like the HDTV for better clarity of video playback and game play. But in such a situation, it’s always a pain to navigate through menus, access those applications or control the computer on your sofa. Therefore, you’ll need the Air Keyboard which allows you to control the computer wirelessly, in a gaming style which you can type, surf and point with ease.

The Air Keyboard is a compact wireless keyboard (about size of PSP) specially made for HTPC (Home Theater PC), which comes equipped with various hot keys, gaming-style shoulder buttons and a built-in accelerometer capable of interpreting tilts as up, down, left and right. It works with PS3 and has a wireless range of up to 100 feet. It comes included with a USB dongle which works as a receiver to be hooked up to the USB port of your computer. And there is no hassle of installation of additional software to get it working.

The Air Keyboard requires two AA batteries which will last up to 50 hours of constant use – a little short for the heavy users. So, want one? You can get it from Firebox for a price of $108.

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