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Cute robot pet – U.Bo

The Japanese will always create nice robotic pets or virtual pets like the Tamagotchi. But this time it’s the Taiwanese Phison Electronics, which has created a cute and interactive robot pet called U.Bo – a pretty strange name which means it’s designed for U and in a shape of Bo/Ball. The little U.Bo is a like an alien spore that has six legs and is equipped with an LED screen as its face to show you its “emotional expressions”.

Similar to other virtual or robo pets, the U.Bo will need you to feed it and it’ll call you while it needs feeding. It can walk forwards and backwards and will even poop, fart, pee and burp after a good meal. Basically, you just need to feed the U.Bo with the magnetic cookie accessories that come with it. And it also comes included with a software that allows you to interact it with your PC.

You can also control it using the Bluetooth remote control. In fact it’s not so easy to take care of U.Bot, you even have to clean it up by giving it a shake after its toilet. But shaking it too much will make it dizzy. If it gets naughty, you can spank its bum and watch it cry and run away in shame. Pet the touch sensors on its bum will get it back to the happy state.

The U.Bo also interacts with another U.Bo, once it meets its U.Bo partner, they’ll sing, dance and kiss for their own celebration. Indeed, this Japanese robo pet is kind of fuzzy and cute to handle, best for killing sometimes especially you’re a lonely girl.

The U.Bo measures 10 cm long and 8.5 cm high and weighs 210g. It has two DC motors to drive it and control its legs and requires two AA batteries that will power it for up to 14 hours. Watch a few clips below for the U.Bo in action.

via newlaunches

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