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SideKick mobile desk lets you work on the iPad comfortably in bed

Most of us like to lie in bed and do our work on the computer or iPad. Useful accessory like the Omax Laptop table is what you need to use your computer or tablet comfortably in bed. If you want more choices of similar tables or desks, the SideKick Mobile desk is also such a useful accessory that lets you complete your work on your device in bed.

The SideKick mobile desk is a product of Slant Concepts, which combines function, mobility and art by fitting in with any décor, room or office. The desk features original geometric and abstract designs, called TopArt that are imprinted directly into its wood tops that raise, lower, rotate and tilt over a range of 180º. So using the Sidekick, you can comfortably read a book in bed or use your iPad without having to hold it in your hands.

Unfortunately, this mobile desk doesn’t come cheap, which is priced between $199 to $ 329 depending on the style and type. Each one is signed and numbered with a certificate of authentication – which could be the main reason that jacks up its price. If you want one, you’ve gotta call them to order.

via chipchick

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