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The new iPod Nano now comes smaller and lighter

iPod Nano is definitely one of the best music players ever. And Apple keeps improving this tiny device. The latest version of the iPod Nano (now it’s in its 6th generation) that was just announced in the Apple’s event today is one given with a new finish. The click wheel has been removed and replaced by a new multi-touch square screen which runs on a variation of the Apple iOS.

There are seven colors available (one of them is your lovely pink!) for you to choose from and it’s available in 8GB and 16GB. The older iPod Nano has remained very small in form factor that easily clips on your belt or slide in your pocket, to bring along while you’re on the run. But with the new iPod Nano 6G, it amazingly gets even smaller by as much as 46% and also 42% lighter than older models. The new iPod Nano has the ability to play music for up to 24 hours and it’s got a clip at its back.

The 8GB of new iPod Nano is priced at $149 while the 16GB is priced at $179. It’s now available on Apple web store for pre-orders today and should start shipping sometime next week.

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