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Griffin Wristlet for the iPod Nano 6G

The iPod Nano 6G comes in a much smaller form factor than the previous model, which definitely makes it a cute device to have. But since it looks so cute and it’s popular, which will also become a negative side of this device that might attract many foreign hands to lift it away from your pocket. So, you’ll need a better way to protect or secure it with you.

Griffin seems to suggest its Wristlet able to keep your new iPod Nano more attached to you. The Wristlet straps on your wrist, so your iPod Nano just hangs around your wrist. But this design seems to make you prone to leaving your iPod Nano behind a bank counter, subway, o supermarket checkout. Anyway, if you want the Griffin Wristlet, you can get it from their store for a price of $20.

via chipchick

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