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Hello Kitty Swarovski Crystal Case for BlackBerry Bold 9000

For the ladies, there should be less BlackBerry owners than the iPhone owners. But if you own a BlackBerry Bold 9000 and you wish your smartphone to show your girly personality, the Bling Swarovski Crystal Case is just a perfect one for your device.

Each Bling Swarovski Crystal Case is handmade and it even features a lovely Hello Kitty on the front. There are also flowers, bows, hearts and all sorts of gilry stuff adorned on the case. It’s covered with Swarovski crystals and colorful, which will make your BlackBerry smartphone the most outstanding among your friends’.

The Bling Crystal case for Bold 9000 is available on Etsy for a price of $100. There is also a dark “Gothic” version, which is priced at $130 on at Etsy.

via intomobile

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2 Responses to “Hello Kitty Swarovski Crystal Case for BlackBerry Bold 9000”

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