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LED clothing – Sp4rkl3 skirt lights you up while electric charges produced through rubbing

LED clothing has helped a number of celebrities outshine others on the stage. Most LED clothings will need the wearer to carry a small battery pack that hides under the garments. Although the battery pack doesn’t add too much burden but it may feel uncomfortable of having to carry a foreign object.

Now, Rehmi Post and colleagues from MIT have a better LED clothing, called the Sp4rkl3 skirt, which is able to harness electric charges produced by the rubbing of the layers of the clothing. And lights you up when the electric charge stored has reached certain capacity. Basically the Sp4rkl3 skirt is lined with simple circuitry set between alternating layers of nylon and Teflon. Electric charge will be generated and stored while the materials rub together – but hopefully it’s been well taken care of which will not accidentally produce sparks that would possibly cause fire.

via newlaunches

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