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Nokia promotes N8 smartphone with an HD film starred by Pamela Anderson and you

The Nokia N8 smartphone isn’t a very new phone, it’s been announced a couple of months ago but Nokia has not yet shipped it. In order for you and me to remember the N8 smartphone, Nokia has chosen Pamela Anderson to firm a short promotional clip to promote the N8, and you’ll have a chance to be in as well. “Want to star alongside Pam in a short film?” is the question that Nokia’s asking.

Pam Anderson has reached her early 40s, but of course, she’s still as beautiful and sexy as ever. The short film is called The Commuters and to be filmed on Sept 20th in London England. The film will be recorded using the HD video feature of the N8 smartphone which will involve stars including Pamela Anderson, Ed Westwick from the Gossip Girls and possibly you – if you’re chosen.

To be the next rising star in the film with Pam, you just need to “like” Nokia’s UK Facebook profile, which will get you your entry.

Starwithpam via coated

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