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Talking treadmill voice guides you through a proper workout to lose more belly fat

The proper treadmill exercise that will get you effectively slimming down is to mix fast and slow runs/walks and also some inclines. But you wouldn’t know when you need to go faster or slower or when you need to correct your postures of running or walking. Here comes the Alinco’s Electric Walker 3010, which is a treadmill that provides voice commands to guide you through a more effective workout session.

The Electric Walker 3010 uses voice commands to let you know when you have to go faster and it even lets you know when you’re doing something wrong. It also has inclines that will help you to get better posture while you’re running or walking. It also measures your heart rate by needing you to grip the pulse sensor on its handle. Of course, with the special features, this talking treadmill doesn’t come cheap, it’s priced at $592.

via coolest-gadgets

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