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USB piggy air purifier keeps air fresh with some cuteness

Here comes a USB piggy air purifier which is perfect for ladies who wanna keep the surrounding air fresh yet still retain some cuteness. The piggy air purifier is completely powered by the USB port of your computer and available in a number of colors including red, blue and white. Features at a glance are as follows:

# Ozone-free carbon fiber ionizer generates millions of negative ions to clean and ionize the air thoroughly
# High-performance immediately & silently draws the polluted air in then disperse the negative ions evenly back into the air
# Working area: 2 ~ 3 cube meter
# 7 color changing light automatically and continuously
# Support: Windows & Mac OS with USB Port
# Dimension: 72mm dia. x 56mm (approx.)
# Weight: 57g

It can be yours for a price of $19 on

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