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Emperor Hair soap prevents hair loss

There are a number of shampoos out there which are said to prevent hair loss but soap is the first time that we’ve heard that comes wih the same effect. Called the Emperor Hair soap which is now being showcased in 2010 Tokyo International Gift Show by a Korean company called DNBio.

The Emperor Hair soap is claimed to prevent hair loss. If you have a hairy man in life, you’ve gotta get him to always bath with the Emperor hair soap in order to keep his hair intact and sexiness. Or if you have someone suffering from hair loss, the Emperor Hair soap also helps.

Emperor Hair is the first soap in Korea that prevents hair loss which has been approved as a non-medical product by the Korea Food & Drug Administration. The eco-friendly patented oriental medicine elements prevent hair loss and strengthen hair, according to a company representative.

“Emperor Hair,” a natural soap preventing hair loss, contains various elements. They include dexpanthenol, an outstanding biotin humectant well known to prevent and cure eczema and seborrheic dermatitis; nicotinic acid amide that helps keep the scalp healthy; Zinc Pyrithion that helps remove itchiness and dandruff; and other various oriental medicine elements such as cnidium, Korean angelica root and Aloe that stimulate blood circulation of the scalp and keep the hair root healthy.


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