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Woogie Plush doll case for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch

Griffin has teamed up with ScrollMotion, maker Iceberg Reader and created cute protective case called Woogie. The Woogie is part a stuffed six-legged animal and part protective case for your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch. Once your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch is housed in the Woogie, it’ll surely be appealing to the kids, like a plush doll.

If you wanna let your kids to start playing around with an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch at their very young age, you’ll definitely need a better protective case to protect the Apple devices. As kids could simply throw the iPhone 4 or iPod Touch away anytime, if they dislike any game plays or apps on the i-Devices. Since the Woogie case is made of plush, it shall protect the i-Devices well from drops or knocks.

Woogie is also designed to go anywhere with your kids, it can be at home, in the car or anywhere that a stuffed animal can go. It also has two built-in speakers, so your kids can play with Iceberg Kids eBooks, music, videos, and more on the iPhone. The Woogie works with all generations of iPhones and iPods, you can get it from Griffintech for a price of $20.

via chipchick

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