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Linq converts iPod Nano 6g into a digital wrist watch

If you wish to wear your newly purchased iPod Nano 6g like a wrist watch, Linq is a perfect strap that converts your iPod Nano into one that is wearable on your wrist. Linq is the product of Incipio, which is not only a wrist strap but offers more by being a protective case that protects your iPod Nano from knocks and scratches.

The idea of wearing your iPod Nano on your wrist would be a much better choice of carrying it around since it now comes in a super tiny form factor. Carrying it in your pocket might make it accidentally drop out of your pocket and you’ll easily lose it. So, strap in on your wrist and it also doubles up as a watch to tell time. Unfortunately there is no word about the exact release date or the price of the Incipio Linq watch strap.

via coated thecoolgadgets

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2 Responses to “Linq converts iPod Nano 6g into a digital wrist watch”

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