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TRTL BOT outs eco-friendly multifunctional iPhone 4 cases

If you wanna help save the Earth and environment, you should be concerned of what materials that your current iPhone 4 accessories are made of. You may wanna consider changing any one of them if they’re not made of any green materials. If you want iPhone 4 cases that are made of environmental friendly materials, TRTL BOT has just announced a few of them ready for you.

There are two newly announced TRTL BOT iPhone 4 cases, which are called the Kickstand 4 and Minimalist 4. These TRTL BOT iPhone 4 cases are locally made in LA using recycled plastic decreasing the environmental impact while helping the local economy of the States.

The Kickstand 4

As its name implies, comes in an innovative design and is a best viewing stand for your iPhone 4. It allows you to have you iPhone 4 to be positioned in portrait, landscape and tripod modes which are best for Facetime call, video watching and timed photo shooting respectively. The Kickstand 4 is now available for pre-order at a price of $30

The Minimalist 4

The Minimalist 4 iPhone 4 case offers extra slots to hold your cash and plastic money as well as offering a protective case for your iPhone 4. Of course it remains slim that slides in your pocket easily. It’s available for pre-order at a price of $30 as well.

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  1. David says:

    “I discovered a new eco-friendly i-phone case made by 100% recycled and recyclable high grade plastic: “”Ecoskin””. This product, manufactured in UK, is also antibacterial because the recycled plastic is impregnated with silver ions to reduce bacteria levels. Plus, the packaging is recycled. The company also produces recycled material pouches for phones.
    More info in

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