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Feminine LED flower watch

TokyoFlash have been famous of their LED watches. They’ve rarely had LED watches that appeal to women, but except today, they have got a feminine LED Flower watch which surely attracts the love of many women.

This feminine LED flower watch presents you a pretty unique way to read its time. While the time progresses the flowers bloom. So you have to learn how the flowers present themselves to tell time. The largest flower shows hours, each petal indicates one hour and the center of the flower represents 6 hours. Groups of 10 minutes and single minute are shown by the lower flowers.

The flower watch’s colors are psychadelic and kaleidoscopic. It’s fun, like a pretty bracelet that straps on your wrist. Unfortunately, the LED flower watch is currently just a concept. But it isn’t too bad, at least, we know that TokyoFlash has the intention to prepare a nice watch for women. Hope it’ll get on their store very soon.

via gizmodiva tokyoflash

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