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iArm mounts the iPad on your forearm, frees your hands…unfortunately, it’s just a prank gift box

iArm is a unique and convenient holder for the iPad. It lets you mount the iPad on your forearm allowing you to view the iPad like reading a wristwatch; thus freeing your hand for holding a cup of tea or other stuff. Of course, the iArm is not restricted to holding the iPad only, it can be used to attach various gadgets on your forearm including your iPhone, e-readers or tablet, as long as a gadget that has a screen for you to read.

The iArm weighs as little as 4.5 lbs, is fully adjustable and with the optional multi mount that allows you to hold up to three gadgets at once. Unfortunately, the iArm isn’t real, it’s a product of which offers it as a prank gift box that is used to fool a gift recipient.

But in fact, we think the idea of iArm is good, which will be very useful if you always have your hands full of other stuff. So, with the iArm to mount a tablet or iPad on your arm, allowing you to read it like a wristwatch, so you can have your hands free for holding other stuff. Anyway, if you want the iArm prank gift box, it’s available for $8 only on Get one, and fool your BF to think that he’s received the best holder for his iPad.

via chipchick

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