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Kandela Magic wand-controlled candle

Forget about those boring switches. Flicking a magic wand to light up a candle definitely makes you the smarter geek cum magician on earth. The Kandela Magic Candle is a simply what you need to fulfill your dream of being a magician which you can turn on the candle by simply having a flick of the magic wand.

The magic candle can be turned off with a tiny wiggle or you can simply blow it out if you lose your magic wand. The magic candle can also be set to flicker and flash.

The magic candle is priced at $55 on Firebox which you can place your pre-order now. It’ll come just in time for you to prepare yourself like a real wizard or Harry Porter to show off your magic tricks for the Halloween makeover party. Watch the clip below for the Magic candle in action.

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via ohgizmo

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