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Babysitting Mama lets you pick up some babysitting skills with your Nintendo Wii

Not everyone’s born to be a good babysitter. If you’re a parent-to-be, you’ll have to train yourself up with some babysitting skills so you can have yourself prepared once your new born has arrived, which you can then effectively babysit your toddler and have more time for your housework.

We’re not sure if there is any course out there to train you up as a good babysitter. Fortunately, Nintendo Wii has a way to get you trained to be a good babysitter in a more fun way. You just need to play the Nintendo Wii game and with its new Wii motion game controller, called the Babysitting Mama, you’re then good to go to babysit your toddler.

The Babysitting Mama is to be released by the same creator of the Cooking Mama, which will first be headed to Japan. It comes with a cute plush baby doll controller, and a place to hit the Wiimote to get interaction from the game and your toy baby. It’s been designed with 40 different activities in babysitting including feeding the baby, changing diaper, getting the baby to sleep, dressing the baby up and play Peek-A-Boo etc.

So, if you’re a pregnant mom, you can start getting yourself to pick up some babysitting skills just right in front of your Nintendo Wii game console. It shall add more fun to life, eliminates any stress that you’d have thought about cumbersome babysitting.

via thecoolgadgets

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