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Leica releases M9 camera with whopping price tag of $30,730

If you’re interested in expensive or luxury gadgets, Leica has just released its M9 camera which comes priced at a whopping price tag of £19,800 or US $30,730 after the conversion. The M9 camera is made of Titanium with the help of Volkswagen’s chief designer, Walter de Silva, which could be what jacks up the price.

Leica will roll out the M9 camera in pretty limited 500 pieces only but they’re confident that they’ll sell all out within days. As Leica’s cameras have always been part of collector’s editions for many camera lovers. The M9 camera comes with a Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lens which is also made of Titanium and could be another factor the makes the high price. The M9 was showcased at Photokina.

The reason why Volkswagen’s designer, de Silva, was involved is because he has a passion for cameras, while Leica’s chairman, Andreas Kaufmann has a passion for cars; which make up a good pair to have produced the M9 camera.

via gadgetlite

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