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iCon bed with built-in iPad dock, priced at $20K

The iCon bed now comes with a new version which offers a built-in iPad dock and is priced at a whopping price tag of $20,000. The new iCon iPad-dock bed combines a swanky adjustable mattress from Hollandia and a custom headboard that has a built-in iPad dock, complete with sound system that offers four speakers and a 250-watt amplifier.

Like the iPad, the iCon Bed is more about a lifestyle choice than it is about a product, and caters to consumers who know how to balance work, rest and play.

If you’re overly addicted in your iPad games or apps or spending too much time on your device for your work; turning your bed into your workplace will be the solution – as you do not need to move an inch of your butt which you can simply fall asleep on the bed while you get tired. Some more you can get your iPad in situ on the bed’s headboard to play your favorite tunes.

The iCon iPad-dock bed is available in more than 200 fashionable colors and fabrics which should blend well with any bedroom decors.

via hollandia gizmodo

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