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Photo album voice recorder – story teller for your photos

You’ll be interested in getting each photo in your photo albums to be associated with a story or a short voice message. So while you have friends or relatives going through those photos, they’ll be told when or what story behind each, which will also save your saliva and time of having to explain about each photo.

Here comes a novelty device, a USB Photo Album Voice Recorder, which is able to audio tag each photo in your albums with a story. It’s easy to use, you just need to attach a coded sticker near the photo, scan it with Photo Album Voice Recorder to record your message. To playback the story, you just need to place the device back over the sticker.

There will be lots of stories to tell in your photos. You may wanna explain the family history or how those friends met or any special trips and occasions of those photos taken. The device also comes with 500 stickers and you can hook it up to the computer via USB to back up the recorded stories.

So, if you have plenty of time to voice tag each photo, grab the Photo Album voice recorder from (priced at $100) to start voice tagging the stack of photo albums you have.

via geekalerts

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