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iPad gets cute Hello Kitty decals

You love your iPad and you love Hello Kitty as well. So, why not spice up your iPad with a cute Hello Kitty decal? We have a great collection of the cute Hello Kitty iPad decals to show you here. Each Hello Kitty decal comes with her own character including a nerd Kitty, dancing Kitty, Hello Kitty angel, Hello Kitty Ballerina and Totoro. Each Kitty iPad decal is made of vinyl sticker and can be easily applied to and removed from your iPad.

The Kitty decals are now available on Etsy store for prices ranging from $7 to $9. Follow the following links to get one that suits your own character : Kitty nerds, Kitty Ballerina, Hello Kitty Totoro, Hello Kitty angel original and another Kitty angel.

via gadgetsin

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