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Emergency Bra doubles up as 2 respiratory face masks, saves your life during emergency

Ladies, bras are not only worn on your boobs. Some bras can come with built-in “intelligence” that will save your life during emergency. The red colored bra shown here is the Noble Prize award-winning emergency bra which can be used as an air filtering mask that will come in as a life saver during emergency including forest fire, storm, explosion, radiological, biological airborne attack, natural disasters and even a fire around your home or neighborhood.

The Emergency Bra can be worn on your face as a respiratory face mask during emergency. Actually, the red bra transforms into two respiratory pace masks which can be worn by you and your significant other while there is a fire, to keep you breathing smoothly. The bra-transformed air-filtering mask comes complete with head straps and filters out harmful airborne particles.

Most people will not carry around a respiratory mask or device. So, when there is an emergency of fire or gas leak, you can simply take off the Emergency bra and “tear” it into two pieces of “face mask” to save the life of you and your significant other.

The Emergency Bra is the brainchild of Dr. Elena Bodnar, who has also won the Noble prize for Public Health award. It’s now available on for a price of $30 and in red color only with sizes from 32B to 40C.

via thecoolgadgets

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