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Scosche outs motorMOUTH II Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit

To keep your hands always on the steering wheels while you’re driving, what you need is just a convenient Bluetooth handsfree speakerphone. The newly announced motorMOUTH II Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit by Scosche should add itself as one of the great options, if you haven’t yet got an satisfactory device to suit your need.

The motorMOUTH II simply plugs directly into a vehicle’s MP3/AUX input to allow for handsfree conversations and also streaming of audio from any A2DP device. Scosche also provides a relocation cable along with a Y adapter for users who don’t have a front jack but prefer to directly connect their music.

The motorMOUTH II Bluetooth speaker phone also supports a number of profiles including HFP and A2DP and it also features DSP echo cancellation. If you want one, you can now get it from for a price of $80 only.

via thegadgeteer

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