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GSI super quality 5-In-1 fashion sunglasses offer HD video recording and Bluetooth music

Tiny pinhole cameras can be concealed almost everywhere, they can be hidden in sunglasses which make them unnoticeable and they even pack the capabilities of recording video with HD quality. Here come the GSI 5-in-1 fashion sunglasses which are actually a spy gear that packs a pin hole camera with HD video recording capability.

The GSI sunglasses are designed to suit both men and women. They pack lots of goodies including the ability to record HD video with sound to the included 4GB memory card (max: 8GB), USB ports, internal rechargeable battery with 5 hours of recording time, high quality Polaroid Lens, FM radio, Bluetooth and with the support of various formats such as WMV, MP3, WMA etc. And you can connect the glasses to a PC to transfer your recorded footage.

If you’re fond of recording every moment of those passers-by, wearing the GSI 5-in-1 sunglasses shall get you ready to go. Besides using it as a AV recording device, it can be used as a Bluetooth headset for listening to music and any FM radio stations, to keep you entertained while you’re bored of recording. The pair is now available on Amazon for a price of $100. Just hit the “Buy now” button to get yours.

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via 7gadgets

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