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Bamboo iPhone 4 cases from Grove Made

Grove Made has got some sexy Bamboo-made cases for your iPhone 4. These iPhone 4 Bamboo cases are available in different laser-etched designs. Some more Grove Made also allows customization to let you have your own pattern etched on the iPhone 4 case. Here are a number of pictures of those have been designed by some artists which shall give you some ideas if you wanna have a Grove Made case etched with your own design.

Basically the Grove Made bamboo case is made out of two halves and has a protective layer of suede inside. Since it’s made of bamboo it shall give you the feel of light and soft although it looks as if it’s made from hard wood. The bamboo case has been well designed with cut-outs for the iPhone 4’s camera, volume buttons and microphone etc. The Bamboo case definitely protects your iPhone 4 well from scratches and knocks etc. Of course, it also adds some sexiness to the iPhone 4.

Each Bamboo iPhone 4 case costs around $89. You can pick up one or more from the artist series here or if you prefer your own design, you can get it here where you have to upload your own artwork.

via freshome

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