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Cute Pac Man Alarm clock goes Wakka wakka to wake you up

If you’ve been involved with a number of arcade game sessions during your childhood, you’d probably like to have the Pac Man to accompany you to sleep and wake you up on time. The Pac Man Alarm clock does add some cuteness to your bedside. Other than that it’s just a basic alarm clock that’s shaped like the Pac Man, which perhaps presents little of its dot-hunting and ghost-easting instincts.

The Pac Man Alarm clock requires 2 AA batteries to keep it running. It has three cute buttons which feature cherry, bell and ghost decals. It also plays a couple of authentic Pac Man sound effects including the highly recognizable startup ditty and the ominous wakka wakka! So, if you want one, you can get it from Firebox for a price of $24. Nice as a bedside item to get yourself prepared for hunting ghosts during the Halloween season.

via ohgizmo

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