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iColor Glow Wrap lets your iPhone 4 glow in dark

For the nightclub or party goers who want to stand out with your iPhone 4, the iColor Clow Wrap does make a perfect accessory for your iPhone 4 to shine in dark. And also it comes just in time if you’re to get your iPhone 4 suitably dressed up for the Halloween.

The iColor Glow Wrap protects the metal housing on the iPhone 4 to prevent it from getting scratches while it rubs up against something in your jeans pocket or handbag. The iColor Glow Wrap also makes the iPhone 4 glow in the dark with a creepy greenish glow, which makes your device look little mysterious and ideal for the Halloween.

And of course, it also makes your iPhone 4 easily locatable while you wake up in the middle of the night and need a phone desperately. It costs only $9, you can get it from

via chipchick

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