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Fujitsu dual-touchscreen smartphone

If a single touchscreen display of your iPhone 4 is not sufficient to meet your need, Fujitsu has a smartphone that packs dual touchscreen displays that should fulfill your thirsts for touches. Currently, the Fujitsu dual-touchscreen phone is just a concept that has been shown off at CEATEC in Japan.

Packing two touch screens allows the Fujitsu smartphone to provide you a wider view of content. So the content can be split across the two screens, which works pretty much like a dual-monitor computer. And it’s best for photo galleries and web contents. Some more applications can choose the two screens to display two separate types of data, similar to how a Nintendo DS works. It can let you play two-player games as well.

Of course, the downside of the dual-touchscreen phone is it will consume much more power than any average touchscreen phone. But since it’s currently a concept Fujitsu may wanna invest more for a longer-lasting battery before rolling out the phone as a final product.

via ubergizmo giiks

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