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iPhone Suppin app scrubs off make-up and eyelashes of glamor girls to reveal their true faces

Are you super envious or jealous of those Tokyo’s glamor girls how they could look so beautiful and trendy? Actually, you do not have to be jealous of any one of them. As they are not born to be beautiful. They simply depend on heavy make-up and fake eyelashes to make them look beautiful. And you can now simply use an iPhone app called the Suppin to scrub off the make-ups and eyelashes of those girls to reveal their true faces.

The Suppin iPhone app lets you erase layers of makeup and eyelashes of girls belonging to the fashion hub of Japan, Shibuya. It does exactly what it says in its name, Suppin, which means “face without make-up” in Japanese. At the moment the app is capable of revealing the true face of Shibuya Beauties.

The Suppin app could be useful for some parents for educating their daughters so they won’t be foolishly idolizing those Tokyo’s glamor girls. The Suppin app is now available on iTunes for a price of $2.50.

via trendsupdates

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