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Coz-E wearable electric blanket keeps you warm at cold winter nights

It’s time to get ready for a blanket to keep warm since the winter is approaching. But simply just a blanket may not be good enough as those winter nights are extremely cold especially your heater does not do its job right.

Here comes the Coz-E electric blanket which is wearable and uses electricity to keep you warm. The Coz-E blanket comes in the form similar to the Snuggie and the Slanket except it does keep you warm while the surrounding temperature drops far more than the usual.

The Coz-E wearable blanket also comes included with a remote control that allows you to adjust the required amount of heat. The little downside is it’s AC powered which shall limit your distance of moving around. But it should allow more distance of moving than a USB heated blanket which is only usable on a computer’s USB power.

The Coz-E blanket is priced at $68, which should be worth having one or a few to get yourself and your loved ones ready for the coming winter. So, want one? Get it from urbanoutfitters

via ubergizmo

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