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Magical case transforms iPod Touch into an iPhone

You have an iPod Touch which plays almost as many apps as you can get with an iPhone. But of course, your iPod Touch doesn’t allow you to make calls and send/receive text messages as what an iPhone can do. Instead of shelling out extra bucks for getting a new iPhone, which also ties you with a 2-year plan with monthly subscription, you can simply make use of the Magical Case to transform the iPod Touch into an iPhone.

The Magic Case simply adds phone and text messaging capabilities to your iPod Touch but at a price of $130 – a price that is much cheaper than getting a new iPhone and tied to a 2-year contract. But unfortunately, the Magical Case requires your iPod Touch to be jailbroken, and it suits only jailbroken 1st gen, 2nd gen, or 3rd gen iPod Touch, which is able to turn the iPod into a device good for making calls and sending text messages.

There is no word either whether the iPod Touch magical case will add 3G to your iPhone. So, want one? You can get it here

via chipchick

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