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Crystal iPhone dock

Many believe that crystals will bring in good energy. The Crystal iPhone dock from Calypso Crystal should be a good one to keep good energy flowing around your work desk as well as keeping your iPhone charged and synced. The Crystal iPhone dock comes as a limited edition and is each hand crafted out of a solid piece of crystal.

There are four designs of the Crystal iPhone dock which are Aurora (produced only in 999 units,) Beau, Celestia and Dune. The process of how each Crytal dock is made is as follows:

The path of each Crystal Dock begins in the glassworks, where a glassworker shapes the crystal glass mass (glass with added lead oxide). The glowing glass mass, heated to 800°C, is poured into moulds. Since glass cools extremely quickly, the worker has less than 10 seconds and only the most experienced are able to make a perfect flawless crystal.

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  1. […] to your iPhone while it’s being charged on the crystal dock. There are three styles of these Crystal iPhone docks which are Beau, the Celestia and the Dune, and each is priced at as expensive as a 16GB iPhone 4, […]

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