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Cybertecture Mirror lets you be connected and check your appearance regularly

Some women are fond of standing in front of the mirrors for repeatedly checking their appearance. So, if you’re fond of checking your appearance in mirrors but your job needs you to always stay connected with the Internet, stream of messages or some stock info; then the Cybertecture Mirror will be just a perfect gear for you.

The Cybertecture Mirror comes with the ability to allow you to fetch a host of useful information right on the mirror itself including messages, weather, calendar, and some other applications. It’s equipped with WiFi connectivity to keep you connected to the Internet. And of course it runs an operating system in order to have many of the mentioned applications. It also packs 10w speakers which come in useful when the time you wanna relax in front of the mirror with some music playing.

The entire mirror measures 800x500x50 mm and is priced at a whopping price tag of $7,773. If you can’t afford that much, what you can do is to get rid of the habit of “checking yourself in the mirror”!

via newlaunches

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