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Stuart Hughes’ $8 million diamond-encrusted iPhone 4

Stuart Hughes have turned many popular gadgets such as the iPhone, iPad into super expensive luxury gadgets. And of course, they’ve also done it for the iPhone 4. And the latest Stuart Hughes’ iPhone 4 is one covered with about 500 diamonds that total up 100 karats and priced at a whopping price tag of $8 million USD or £5 million.

Of course, the Stuart Hughes’ $8 million iPhone 4 is meant for the super rich. But of course, there is also a need to invest in certain coverage of insurance for such a super luxury device.

So, the details of luxurious stones on the Stuart Hughes’ iPhone 4 are – two interchangeable diamonds fitting over the “Home button”, which are made up of a single cut 7.4ct pink diamond and a rare 8ct single cut flawless diamond that are already worth a £4 million. And some more the back of the iPhone 4 is rose gold-plated and the Apple Logo is covered with 53 diamonds.

via techchee

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