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Eco-friendly LED TV – Philips Econova 42PFL6805 with solar-powered remote control

One of the common frustrations sitting in front of a TV is when the remote control runs out of batteries. You’d have wished having a remote control that would never run out of batteries, eliminating the hassles of having to look around for batteries for replacement. Philips has just announced an eco-friendly LED TV, known as the Philips Econova 42PFL6805 LED TV, which comes with a solar-powered remote control that brings you no hassles of battery replacement.

The Philips Econova 42PFL6805 LED TV has lots of “green” goodies – It’s 42 inches in size and consumes only 40 watts while operating in its eco mode. It uses LED technology that maintains good brightness but reduces energy consumption by up to 60%. There is also a Zero power switch, which completely turns this Philips LED TV off, consuming zero watt of power while it’s turned off.

The Philips Econova 42PFL6805 LED TV is also made from “green” materials, including 60% recycled aluminum, that are easy to recycle and have been used before.

As mentioned, it comes included with a solar-powered remote control, and a 2-in-1 table stand which can be used as a table top stand as well as an easy to install wallmount bracket.

Other goodies of this Philips LED HDTV are a 100Hz Clear LCD panel with Full HD resolution, Pixel Precise HD technology and built-in 20W RMS speaker with Clear Sound technology for best quality of video and audio. Unfortunately, no word about its price or availability.

via itechnews

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