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Dancing Hello Kitty speaker

So, if you’re huge fan of Hello Kitty, you’d love to see Kitty dancing on your work desk as well. Here comes a Dancing Hello Kitty speaker that plays nice with your iPod to blast your favorite tunes, and it dances along with the music.

The Hello Kitty speaker has built-in 50mm speakers and provides a power output of 2 watts. Once it’s hooked up with a music source, it’ll start dancing but will stop by itself after 20 minutes. To reactivate its speaker and it into dancing, you just need to press her left hand. It needs three AA batteries to keep it alive which are not included. So, want one, it’s available on GeekStuff4u at a price of $135 USD after the conversion. The little downside is it’s in black which isn’t our favorite color.

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5 Responses to “Dancing Hello Kitty speaker”

  1. benz83 says:

    Where can i buy this item

  2. Alexia says:

    You can get it from as shown in the link in above article :D

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  5. Caroline @ hello kitty games online says:

    So cute.. better to place it in your
    working desk. If you feel bored and sleepy
    just connect in your ipod. great review!

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