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Speck Spooky iPhone 4 cases for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner but you still have a few days for eying for some Halloween decors or make-overs for your favorite gadget, the iPhone 4. Here come some Speck Spooky iPhone 4 cases which are specially made for the Halloween, allowing you to dress up your iPhone 4 with spooky atmosphere.

The Spooky iPhone 4 case comes in limited edition which has 62 case designs made and designed by Dirty Donny. Some interesting and spooky makeovers for your iPhone 4 are Monster Revolt, Rock of Lamb, King Death, and Eyeballz. Each case is priced at $30. It could be too little too late for the coming Halloween but you might be interested in reserving it for next year’s Halloween. So, if you want one, you can get it from Speck website.

via chipchick

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