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Ultimate amplified phone system for those with hearing loss or low vision

If your elderly at home, who have been suffering from hearing loss or low vision, you will then need to equip them with a special phone, so they can be reachable or communicate with the outside world during emergency. Here comes the Ultimate amplified phone system, which is a phone system that’s specially designed for those with hearing loss or low vision.

The device is a cordless amplified phone that delivers sounds in increased volume and clarity. It also has a digital answering machine and a speakerphone in the handset and base and a number of goodies which are summarized as follows:

It’s everything you want in a cordless amplified phone – a substantial increase in volume, paired with unparalleled sound quality. There’s a digital answering machine, and a speakerphone in the handset and base. The concave earpiece creates an acoustic chamber that reflects sound waves directly into your ear.

Choose among 4 tone settings, to help compensate for any high-frequency hearing loss. And choose the level of amplification, too – up to 50 decibels. The answering machine includes slow-motion playback, so you have time to understand every word.

Since those of us with hearing loss often experience some vision or mobility problems as well, this phone caters to those needs, too, with its large backlit buttons, a visual ringer flasher, a high-contrast LED screen, and a contoured, lightweight handset that fits in your hand just right.

If you want this Ultimate Amplified Phone System, you can get it from FirstStreetOnline at a price of $200. It shall be an appropriate Christmas gift for your elderly at home, so theye can start enjoying phone conversation with the loved ones.

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