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ZAGGmate iPad case turns the iPad into a laptop

Typing on the touchscreen virtual keyboard of your iPad certainly lowers your productivity. But definitely, you’ve gotta admit that the iPad is useful and making you more relaxed for various tasks other than heavily texting, such as surfing, reading e-books and watching movies etc. So, the iPad is still good to remain as the main device that you’ll bring along anywhere you go.

But occasionally, you’ll need a laptop that will help boost your productivity for some office documents, blogging and some other texting tasks. So, if you just want to keep the iPad as the only device for you to bring along everywhere you go, the ZaggMate iPad Case by Zagg is the solution for you.

The ZaggMate case simply turns your iPad into a laptop when you need a laptop. It includes a Bluetooth keyboard that pairs with your iPad to increase your productivity on texting. With the ZaggMate case, you just simply sit the iPad down on a desk, flip it up and use your iPad in the case with the keyboard like a touchscreen enabled laptop!

There are two versions of the ZaggMate case, one with keyboard priced at $100 and one without keyboard priced at $70. If you just need a protective case, then get the latter. It can be purchased from Watch the clip below showing it in action.

via uberphones

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